Soft99 fusso coat test

Dette er hva vi sitter igjen. Testing the durability of the wax months after applying it. Eksteriør innlegg 31. In blind test they will all look the same anyway, so who cares.

Videographer: Tadas Mikstavicius detaily. This is the wax has shocked the international detailing community.

Während unsere eigenen Tests hier ebenfalls . Fusso Coat F- Nybegynner innlegg 29. Was kann das Low Budget Wachs mit PTFE? Günstiges Wachs mit einer Standzeit von bis zu Monaten? Skaper en PTFE-forsegling på overflaten som holder opp til måneder.

Får bli vårens och sommarens test , verkar lovande. Jag la lite för mycket . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Was ich ebenso testen werde ist das Wachs auf weißem Lack zu .

One of the wettest waxes on test (a harder Synthetic Paste Wax is available), this one requires little . Ideal for all light car . This wax, imported from Japan, has quite a soft consistency so is easy to . Ich hatte bei meinem ersten Test ein normales Pad zum auftragen . My truck stays outside all day in the Florida weather so it will be a good test. Official lab test result, subject to real life . Compatible for all color vehicle. Discount prices and promotional sale on all. Unser ausgiebiger Test hat gezeigt, dass Monate bei ca. We are particularly proud of the fact that of some of the waxes on test were, well the biggest in the market!

Softproducts are one of top selling brand in Japan and in other country now we. SoftFussocoat months coating beading test and appliation tutorial. This wax thrived in the wet conditions of the test , and application was painless. Create strong fluorine layer PTFE on car paint surface without base treatment.

If you’re struggling to sleep. SOFT FUSSO COAT REVIEW.