Backpack kid move

In this video I am about to show you how to do the backpack kid dance! My online store is coming soon. But we wanted to learn from everyone.

Before the bats started swinging, the Iowa Cubs and Round Rock Express were moving to the groove before their game on Tuesday at . Hollins broke out his amazing moves for a hilarious moment. You may remember him from .

Popularized by sheer luck, find out about the kid behind the infamous move ! If you missed it, watch him . We had great fun at the school disco on Wednesday evening showing off our fast and furious arm moves. He mesmerized viewers with his stiff-armed dance move that he calls . Backpack Kid , boasting 1. Mark Ingram scored an easy touchdown in the second quarter against Detroit, then pulled off some fancy dance moves to celebrate. A young ballplayer was cheered for hitting a home run, but his dance moves also deserve applause. Now gamers can use his moves on this incredibly .

Fans of the backpack kid started to copy his moves and the floss . The Russell” or “flossing. Horning demonstrated some elegantly lanky moves. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. SNL gig with Perry came about, . For dager siden – Who knew firefighters had such funky moves ? He wore his trademark backpack and did his signature move of quickly swaying his hands around his waist.

Russell Got Barzz on Instagram showing off some memorable dance moves. Katy Perry turns backpack kid into new left shark on SNL. And how did you learn to move like that? Leave your opinions here!

Mainly trying to figure out who the backpack kid was at the front, and also. Like the pied piper, he leads his fans and teaches them his famous dance move. I learn these sick moves ? Put your hands in front of you, and move them to your left or right, which one feels best for . He moves his arms quickly from side to side and the other children join.